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    Assistance - messages from my website

    I have designed a couple of websites using Dreamweaver MX2004 - I now need to include an on-line form for clients to complete, then press a "send" button that will send the information back to me. I have managed (I think) to create the form - but can't work out what to do to make the 'send button' work (i.e. to send the information to me as an email message). Is there any one who can assist.

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    Hmm, where to start?

    The form needs to send the information you collect to a form handler which decides what to do with it. For example, the handler can send it to an email or to a log file, etc. A form handler is usually a PHP script or something similar.

    You need to search around and start learning about how forms work. There's no short answer.

    After you have figured out how it all works you need to decide what form handler is best for your situation. Again you'll need to search around.


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