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Thread: won't turn on

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    won't turn on


    i have a samsung hcn436w rear projection.
    with it pluged in the red light flashes on the front about 10 times.
    when i turn it on no picture shows up but you can here it fire up for a few seconds then it clicks back off.

    any idea what it could be..


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    Although it sounds like your bulb has fused (was there a burnt smell?), you might want to check trouble-shooting section of your manual. It might likely be there...

    btw... not sure if this topic's in the right part of the forum...
    There's no bad camera, just a bad user
    Loong . Singapore

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    Hi there Audiouse,

    The equipment manual is the best place to check what the problem could be.
    If there's nothing in there Samsung customer support could help you out.

    Since it's a particular model you are asking about it's often best to check directly with the manufacturer.

    Good luck with getting it sorted.


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