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    video streaming and broadcasting easy done

    I would be gradeful if i can hear your opinion and suggestions about my new website in video streaming and users broadcasting of movies. or I will appreciate to hear about design, and features. any further suggestion to improve it?

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    Why the two different domain names? In any case they are both lame.

    "YouTubeMovies is a public media website for people to watch and share original videos worldwide." I don't see any original movies at your site, I see the same old ripoffs as a million other clone sites.

    "Watch Free Sexy and Hot Webcams" - are you a porn site or not? If so, cater for porn fans. If not, get rid of these tacky references.

    I used to edit a category at DMOZ that got about a hundred of these sites per day. Sorry to be blunt but youtube clone sites are just a great big yawn for me.
    Dave Owen


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