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    Hi everyone,I'm new here.I need a software for a genlock.I'm planing to open a small TV station and I need a software to apply a Logo in a real time over video files.Does anyone know how can I solve the problem?
    Thank you!

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    what is your budget? Here are a few options.......remember price = quality and options
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    Thank you very much...My buget is not impressiv.In the beginning I have to use something chip...but later I hope I can buy something better.Once again thank you very much!!!

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    One more question...Is there any software I can use for genlock simulation until I get something serious?Thank you!

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    I have not found anything my self. there has got to be something out there. the need has never got above interest for me so i have not looked in to it too deeply. If you find one, please post on here! However i do think that it would be more then just a computer software, because in order for it to work it would need to import the video and then export it with the bug. (just what i think)
    Manoni Productions
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    Thank you very much for your answer.I've found on a few Video production forums disscusion about genlock.There is one guy in Serbian hes trying to make the software for genlock.I could give you the link to that forum but its on serbian language.Anyway...if I find something I'll post here.
    Thank you again!!!


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