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    Lighting in camera

    Hi all,

    I have got a issue with lighting .

    I make videos for weddings and parties which are most of the
    time indoor and sometimes not enough light.

    I am using a panasonic md9000 and using a big on camera light with wires
    that I have to carry around all the time.

    What i want is actually to make good bright videos without this big light on my camera with all those wires.

    Can somebody maby tell me if I just should buy a new camera.
    Or is something wrong that I am doing.

    I have also tried several setting in the camera but not enough light.
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    Hi, what you have shared, you really do not have an issue with lighting, I believe you have an issue with bulk/weight/inconvenience, maybe all of them.

    Indoor lightings are always challenging, unless you are in a stadium (that's how I always humor myself). Especially where your hosts/clients want a certain lighting for overall ambience, and while it gives the mood they want 'on set', it kills the pixels!! (both the photographer and video guy's lament)

    If there is just not enough light, there just isn't enough...
    I don't think we can escape this unless in general (1) you use night mode, infra-ed (your client will kill you!) (2) you boost the gain on location and boost brightness/contrast/levels in post (editing, but it's gonna make your videos grainy)... even a camera boasting of performance at low lux may not give the desired effects... We have to admit that lighting is integral and of utmost importance in capturing moving/still images. In short, you still need to have a on-board/off cam light on standby, in addition to your camera (maybe a smaller light? Since this camera's a hulk, and I don't mean heavy in this case, just bulky) Consider the possibility of off camera lights (redheads), or smaller ones?

    So really, you may want to make the decision for a switch only after you evaluate the above-mentioned points?
    Some of my thoughts. Feel free to enquire more.
    There's no bad camera, just a bad user
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