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    Live Video Streaming

    I would like stream live video from a CamCorder from one point to another point on an internal IP network. I was thinking that I would connect the camera with a Firewire cable to a PC. Then what. Do I need a server for this. There is only one point to another point. Any suggestions much appreciated.

    Thank you

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    u can do it with VideoLan or VLC (it's the same software )
    search on google u will find some tutorial

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    If you still need to stream live, contact me and I will help you to get up and running.

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    If your host machine is windows or linux, you can stream with VLC, just file > open capture device, choose the proper input, then check stream/save, click Settings... and set your stream options. I would use http, set the address to your internal IP address, a port of your choosing (the default 1234 is fine), MP4, check video codec, mp4v or h264 at 1024 kbps [you could go higher if you want], leave scale at 1; check audio codec, mp4a or mp3, 96, 2 channels, ok, ok.
    Then on your client machine, just open network stream with vlc or open url with another media player, http://[first.mac.hines.ip]:1234/
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