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    This guy was good the other night...

    I just had to preach about this cat. We need more artist like him.

    Selasee's simplicity and humility has won the hearts of tens of thousands during his 2006 Festival summer tour in Quebec, Canada. The fact he was an unknown artist to the region did not stop his music from carrying the crowds into a world of positive vibrations, moving hips and shaking heads. The press has reported this as being "The Magic of Selasee".

    His songwriting ability's have won him several awards. In 2006 alone he has been honored in the following contests:

    - Song “RUN”
    ISC (international Songwriting Competition)
    1st prize in the World Music category
    2nd in the peoples choice award (All categories combined)

    - BillBoard World Songwriting Competition 13th edition
    Honorable Mention

    - Song “AGBA YEI”
    John Lennon Songwriting Competition Session 1
    Finalist in the World music category

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    yeah, ummmm.....

    i don't think you really get the gist of this forum.
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