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    PC spec for HDV editing

    Hello friends,
    I want your professional advice, I want to clone a new editing pc for my self. I want something that will handle HDV comfortably, kindly help me out with the specification that will be okay. I guess I can use gigabyte board but which model will be ok. then what type of processor and which speed, RAM etc
    if possibly list brand name that is trustable. Very important GRAPHIC CARD!!!


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    It all depends whether you are editing HDV or AVCHD video. I normally transcode my AVCHD video to HDV and edit it without any issues on a 2,2GHz DuoCore machine with 3GB ram

    However if you want flawless editing then I would look at an i7 CPU or at the bare minimum, a QuadCore Processor 2.4Ghz +++ and 4 GB ram. The Video card is only an issue if you use Pinnacle 12 to edit your creations. All other NLE's don't have an issue with the card.


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    What about Graphic card, which one do you recommend for realtime rendering of effects


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