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Thread: burning dvds

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    burning dvds

    hello all,

    I am using at the moment pinnacle 10.

    the editing goes very well.

    only if you burn to dvd the quality is very pooor.

    so what i did is make a mpg 4 file.

    and burn it with nero on a dvd.

    which is much better now.

    but is nero the right software or is there any software that does the job better if we talk about burning on dvds????

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    I do not use Pinnacle, but do consider (if there is) exporting from Pinnacle as a DV/AV-DVI at 720 X 486 (NTSC)/720 X 576 (PAL), not mpeg4. From there burn into a DVD via Nero. (meaning you allow Nero to recode the AVI)

    I export from other editing softwares,but output via Nero too. See if it helps.
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    Nero is good at burning videos to DVD. Maybe your burning speed is too fast. To get high quality DVD, I often choose "highest video quality", equalling to the slowest speed with my Video to DVD Burner tool.

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    I use pinnacle studio 10, 11 and 12. and I get good quality dvd.
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    Make movie, choose AVI full quality, then use nero to will take time to encode in nero, but if you dont need serious editing then, after capture with studio 10 just import to nero vision, there u can do minor editing and burn direct with double rendering. if you are not okey, send me email and I will take my time to explain in an email


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