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    Web Video Streaming on Windows Mobile 5.0??

    Hye all!

    I would like to ask is that Windows Mobile 5.0 can be viewing video streaming on web? I mean using Internet Explorer Mobile (on Windows Mobile 5.0), open a web that contain live video streaming using MMS URL protocol (mms:// then play it on that IE mobile web browser?

    How about Windows Media Player inside Windows Mobile 5.0? Is that can play a streaming video from MMS URL like Windows Media Player on PC?

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    Windows Mobile & Streaming

    If you have the Windows Mobile operating system you can view/listen to streams just as are done on a PC with a DSL type connection. Your challenge is receiving enough bandwidth on the mobile device for the stream. Bandwidth can vary greatly from moment to moment and of course available bandwidth is subject to the quality of the cell signal/coverage.


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