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    Choosing the Right Light

    Many people think that digital video doesn't require a significant amount of light. However I totally disagree with this statement because depending on the structure of light video footage can be viewed differently and carry different sense. For instance by interviewing someone indoors I like to see a black or monotone background. The "Talking Head" actually doesn't seems to be heated with the killing bright light like during the wedding interviews( greeting from friends and family members). Iím wondering how this gets accomplished.

    Also I have a question about light on top of the camera. I hate to see when it gets overused. It's got to be some kind of rule of thumb so the operator knows exactly when to turn it on and when to avoid. I'm so curious to get answers in all of these.


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    All cameras require light, unless you enjoy "Blair Witch Project". You can get the 'talking head' by adjusting the following parameters:
    [1] where you place your lights (not on top of your camera definitely) and best if you can direct the beams (narrow it with barn doors/snoots)
    [2] having a big and dark room and not shooting near the walls (so you don't get the color of the walls lit, note point [1]
    [3] optional: having a dark and light absorbing background material

    I rigged the lights for a simple video last year with what you are asking... I don't have the footage (merely did the lights, not shoot it)

    Experiment first. That's where the fun comes in.

    I don't quite get what you are asking about the light on top of camera... but I guess the simple rule of thumb: Low light and you don't want that, use it. Many ways to use it, eg bounce/reflect/diffuse
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    nager hit this one dead on. I would STRONGLY recommend a light kit. take the overhead light on the camera and give it to the kids to play with. Again. it all is dependent on your budget as to what light kit you can afford. There are again 100's of options out there.
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    There's a short 'session' on redheads on this site. You can achieve the 'talking head' 1 or 2 of these. I own 2 sets of redheads (800W and the other is less but I can't recall as I seldom use it). Each consists of 3 lights. Price ranges, but the 800W set (plus hard case and manfrotto stands) cost abt SGD3.6k... around 8-9 yrs ago? (durability proven)
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