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    Recording The Sound

    Earlier it was asked about using the external microphone (shotgun). I understand that it gets connected to the recording sound device such as digital hd recorder. What would be the difference by recording sound from the microphone attached to the camera if the object is close enough rather to use helper and get the sound recorded separately? Wouldn't be more complicated to synchronize after words by buying additional equipments for such purposes???

    Which model of sound recorder would be most affordable and sufficient to carry all necessary fitures based on the moderate budget?


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    There are a number of reasons for recording audio off camera. Most of the time, the recordings are used more as a back-up/you want to shoot very wide/far establishing shot with audio needs (and you can't afford wireless) or shooting on film (that's another matter). That's what I understand so far.

    Just a quickie, portable audio recorders (mostly) have a mixer on board, so you are able to do the necessary equalizing to get the sound you want. Also some also allows you to use mics that need power (phantom power for studio quality condenser mics) for good sound. A basic and affordable one could be from M-audio (part of AVID). One of its minus: It does not have XLR inputs.

    On the other hand, prosumer cams have mic modules for you to adjust sound too (many to mention). That is useful if you are OMO (One-Man Operation). If not, recording audio onto tape via a field mixer (meaning a portable mixer between your mic and the camera to make the sound great) can be another great alternative. See my query on The disadvantage? You'll need someone to monitor the audio.

    Remember, just as you have the opportunity to capture that defining moment, that usually is the same moment to define your sound.
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