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    high frek. sound

    can anybody tell me which program can i use to break glass. I saw that on CSI NY episode, some girls use some kind of eqvipment and mp3 player and they broke glass in some rome

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    It depends on the dimensions of the window, its thickness, and other things, like density, impurities and such. Everything has a resonance frequency. When that freq is applied from an outside source with enough power behind it, glass will vibrate it to the point of self-oscillation. If just enough more power is applied it will vibrate beyond its stress point and shatter.

    Any good structural engineering program can calculate resonant freqs for you. But is still a little more complicated than that. You have to be able to lower the freq as you approach saturation (where the whole glass vibrates) because the res freq changes. The newest version of AutoCAD is pretty good at calculating it, but the freq generater to pull it off is expensive (around 10 grand).

    But alas, I don't believe an mp3 player could do it. That's TV for you.

    Even more fun, you can use a pulse lasar to rapidly heat and cool a tiny spot on a window to send it into oscillation at a weak point and it will shatter. But I think that involves military secrets.
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