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    Do you have to be connected to router?


    just wondering, when u stream things over the internet does your computer/laptop have to be connected to your router? please help me out, thanks in advance

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    If the router is how your computer connects to the Internet, and you want to stream stuff from your computer to the Internet, then the answer is yes. You will need to connect your computer to your router.
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    dave is right, you have to be connected to the Internet
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    Hiya Yarmond. I have no problem with what has been suggested to help you, but I DO find your question vague. So perhaps before I go further (so as not to 'waste' fellow netizens' time as well), has your question been answered? If not, would you like to explain a little more about your situation?

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    thanks with all the replies. I'm using a laptop that has wireless connection and use a program called Windows Media Encoder 9. I tried it out and it works fine. However, when I tried to see if it another client could view what I was streaming, it didn't work. I gave him the proper URL and everthing. I tried it on another computer in my house and it worked fine. I don't know why it won't work for him. any suggestions?

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    Apologies for replying late. Something I think is not exactly right is this. Some possible issues could be a firewall. From what I've read, if there are more than five direct connections, a web server is needed. Not sure if those could be possible. Also are you intending to stream things live? This seems to work better with that in mind. If you're merely thinking of streaming video online, it's easier to upload it onto your webserver and house it there.

    Not sure if this is helpful.
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    Would you happen to know how to allow the firewall to let me stream? And yes I'm trying to broadcast things live, only to about 5 people. Also just wondering, I heard that you can use VLC media player to stream things. I know how to do it, but I'm just wondering, can VLC media player act as a server when I'm streaming? Thanks for replying

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    Yes, according to VLC it can do all that you've asked.

    As for the firewall, you have to have access status as the Administrator to get pass it. If you are using it your company, check with your IT dept. Just remember unless it's official, most will not entertain this as it can open them to possible vulnerabilities (eg virus and stuff).
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    Thanks so much Nagar! I figured out how to disable my firewall, and I'm probably just going to use VLC since it can stream and act as a server at the same time.


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