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    XL1 Not Recording Sound to MiniDV Tape!

    Newbie here.

    I am borrowing a Canon XL1 to shoot our gig next week, but I cannot get the sound to record to the tape. I want to use 16bit audio mode, 16:9 aspect ration and normal movie mode. I have all these set in the record menu. I also have the vcr menu set to mix select:variable, output channel to L/R. When I record, I hear the sound through the left channel of the headphones from the camera, but when I transfer the data to my PC into Windows Movie Maker, I get video with no sound.

    Does anybody have any ideas?


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    this may seem simple, but make sure that the mic is plugged it, and make sure that the camera is selected to capture audio from the input that you have the mic plugged into. the mic or mic cord may be bad.
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