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    Supercardoid Microphones

    Hello -- I found your website incredibly useful!! Thanks so much for putting it together. In particular, the microphone section was great for me, since I'm a singer. I have one question/favor to ask. Would it be possible to display the pickup pattern of a supercardoid microphone on your website? I've been reading up on it, and think I understand the difference b/w a supercardoid and hypercardoid, but the images you provide on your site are very valuable and I think the visual aid would be great. Or email me an image of the supercardoid pickup pattern!

    Thanks much!!!!
    Keep up the good work!!!

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    Re: Supercardoid Microphones

    Hi there,

    Sorry about the delayed reply - I managed to miss your message somehow.

    Anyway, thanks for your comments. Glad you found the site useful.

    I will try to get a supercardioid pattern ASAP. Basically it is half way between a cardioid and hypercardioid.



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