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    help with video's

    I have some video files, and converted them to mp4. The problem is, there are black edges in the upside and underside when playing. My source files have no black edges at all, I really don’t like them. Could someone tell me how to remove the black edges? The tool I’m using is Xilisoft Video Converter.

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    Sounds like thats where the video has been cropped to fit the resolution it was encoded to. Similar to when you watch a wide screen dvd on a standard 4x3 tv and you get the black bars at top and bottom.

    You can make the video fit but i think you will lose video quality in the process. You can crop the 2 other edges and zoom the video to fit but the clarity of the picture will suffer.
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    Itís about Aspect Ratio and Zoom Mode. Your source video aspect must be 16:9. ImTOO PSP Video Converter converts your source files to videos with 16:9 by default. when using Letter Box mode to convert source video, black edges will be added in its upside and downside, then target video will become 4:3. u can try Pan & Scan mode, thus source video will be enlarged and clipped, but no black edges.


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