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    Alpha channel conversion

    Does anyone know how I can convert a large AVI file with alpha channel for transparency to a smaller file and retain the transparency?

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    the short answer is it can not be done.......(someone may correct me, but i have not found a way)

    the long answer however, is depending on your equipment and what editing ap you are looking to import it in to, then it can be done by bringing it in as a full size changing it in After effects or Apple Motion, then exporting it as a different file type.

    Let me know what all programs you have access to and i will see if i can talk you through it.
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    I have redirected my efforts and reduced the sizr of the video to 320 x 240 and the size is now manageable for my needs but my output from premiere pro at 1280 x 960 - the pixels blur every 5 -10 secs on the video portion. Should I use another codec?

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    I was using Microsoft media codec

    I was using Microsoft media codec

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    Apologies, but Michael, please enlighten me...

    Your first post states that you want to convert a LARGE AVI to a smaller file... are you referring to converting it into a smaller AVI file? If yes, at ___ X ___ pixels? Also why do you need to output in 1280 X 960? It is at least 4 times the size of your original clips!

    As a rule of thumb, we never export a file in pixels larger than the pixels it was imported with, unless we're prepared to lose a significant amount of quality for pixels. (eg a 352 pixel input to a 720 pixel output) The largest output possible should be defined by the largest input possible.

    If I've mistaken something along the way please help me understand. Thanks!
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