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    how do i create a header w/nav

    I am not sure what it is called. How can I create a header and navigation that look like an upside down L? On the top is the header and on the left is the navigation. I see alot of nice websites that have the header and nav. like that however designed nice and linked together, and they appear on every page of the site.
    How can I create that and how can i have it on each page?
    I use PS CS2


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    There's no short or easy answer to that. You can design the layout in Photoshop but it's really an HTML question.

    The easiest way would be to make a table with one cell in the top row for the header, then two cells in the next row for the menu and content.

    Another option would be to use CSS.

    I would suggest looking at the HTML source of some sites you like and see how they do it. You could even import their HTML into your own web page editor and experiment with it.
    Dave Owen


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