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Thread: 60Hz hum

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    60Hz hum

    Ive been pretty frustrated lately because everytime I try to hook up any audio output from my computer sound card to my numark mixer or my home stereo amp I get a fairly stong 60Hz hum through my speakers. Even with the computer and monitor turned off the buzz was still present. I found that the only time I could get the hum to go away (either than unplugging the RCA from the computer to the mixer or amp) was when both the computer and the monitor were unplugged . It would seem to me that ground lifting the computer and monitors would solve this problem but that is simply not an option for multiple reasons. Any ideas on whats going on here or how I can fix this??

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    Re: 60Hz hum

    Nevermind, I got rid of it! took me a couple days though. It turned out to be coming from my VCR which was also plugged into the amp.


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