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    Need a program to simply convert the audio in mp4 files to mp3

    I know there’re many such programs, but too complicated. I need to choose between many different Profiles, which confuse me a lot. I just need to convert mp4 files downloaded to mp3, so I can play them with my mp3 player on my way to company. Who can recommend me such a program, can output mp3 files and no complicated functions?

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    This is the easiest and best converter that i have found. it is 30 USD

    If you are looking for a free one, this one is pretty good.
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    MP4 to MP3 Converter in (just for Windows) is easy to use, I thought its function is too simple, but it happens to be the one u need, u can free download and try it.
    My friend always uses MP4 Converter, Mac version and Windows version, with comprehensive functions, but she said it’s also easy-to-use, if u work under Mac, u may want to consider this program, maybe a good choice for u

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    Looking for programs like this can always been done through Google and visiting the most popular download websites. From there you can filter your search for "Freeware" which won't ask you to pay half way through.

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    hmmm, freeware is attractive, i'll do the search
    but, i tried MP4 to MP3 Converter lilyly and kawsakimx6 both recommend, really nice, simple, suitable for me

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    Hi , it is easy , just download a MP4 to MP3 Converter at


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