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    2 Questions

    Hi - I initially registered for this forum for support of my MCMP (Media College Media Player). However, I think that two of the questions I asked in that forum, are probably more appropriate to this one. So, "here goes".

    1) Here's the thing. I have this popup window that opens via a link on my website. However, I sometimes will email someone a link directly to the popup window. What I'm looking to do is have a link on the popup that will take a viewer to my main website.
    But, if they opened my main site first, then opened the popup window - I just want the link to bring my main site forward without opening it (again) in a new window.

    2) This popup window uses a flash media gallery (The mcmp) to display content based on an xml document that contains the file name, location, and description. I would like to, if possible, make that xml document visible to search engines. Is there a way to do that? If so, how?


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    you can look for javascript on google to help u with that... i would think the script on the main page and the email will differ slightly
    just search for javascript popup window or pop under more user friendly i am sure something will come up


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