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    To all newcomers, pls feel free to post!! :)

    I've noticed a slow, but rather steady stream of quiet 'new comers' during the last month or so of my joining this forum.

    I'd like to encourage all and all to introduce yourself and join in the forum discussions or start a question/query. This forum does not exactly have the likes of very high end people (mostly, or at least I speak for myself). Remember, no question is too silly, unless it's spam...

    Cheerio from a fellow member
    There's no bad camera, just a bad user
    Loong . Singapore

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    This has been a trend in this as well as many other forums. I am afraid that there is nothing that you can do about the "lurkers" some of them just join to reach certain areas of the site, and then never come back, others read all of the posts that the active members write and then take that info at the final word (bad idea everyone should ask questions). I do however agree with you. New people are always welcome.
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    Yup Kaw, it is a trend indeed, but perhaps raising a 'welcome everyone' note every once in a while will invite some to respond
    There's no bad camera, just a bad user
    Loong . Singapore


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