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    Anyone else here a Lost fan.
    I reckon lost is one the best tv series for a long time. The story and the way it has been created is brilliant. I just hope the ending is a good one when it comes.
    I'm starting to think that they're living under the ocean. Crazy i know. My theory changes every week

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    I used to be a fan but I gave up. Great premise but it took too long to get answers. My gratification needs to happen more quickly

    At my workplace there were initially about 8 or 10 devoted followers. It's now down to 2.

    I call this whole thing the "Twin Peaks Syndrome", referring to a series that starts off as the most popular mystery around but ends up with no-one caring. Lost isn't quite that bad because it still has a following, but given it's initial popularity, it should be doing better.
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    watched some, but it was wednesday night, bad night, had to stop watching

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    I've read somewhere that the producers are going to let it run till 2010. If thats the case then they've lost me.

    I often wonder if theres more to this program than meets the eye. Some sort of projection of things to come. Parallel timeline/universe/dimension sort of thing.
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    you are really (crazy )to have such thoughts.


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