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    I didn't like super much... looks very advanced and feature rich but when I started leaning away from plain old files it didn't like it...

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    Quote: raining
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    i have some media devices, iPod, mobile phone etc.....i need to import the avi file into them...
    I tried imtoo mpeg encoder after your suggestion. It may make it by setting Start Time and Duration, but Start Time and Duration function of the trial version is unavailable. If no one recommend me a free way, maybe I have to pay for this product. thanks.
    I think you will never regret spending the money on this software,
    It is very humanism, isn't it?
    I use it for a longtime, it is real very helpful~~

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    I want to say that I prefer VidCrop by geovid too...Also you can try this tool-VisiCrop on
    Good Luck!!

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    I use converter TuneCab, it converts audio and video files to different formats

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    I use THIS tool

    [edited - link removed. we do not allow that product to be linked to, due to ongoing spam problems from them]

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    I agree with Casy...
    VidCrop - good program.

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    Reducing .avi video files!!

    Is there a way of reducing an existing '.avi' video file down from 1.3gb to about 700mb!?!

    Anyonez assistance would be greatly appreciated with thanx!!

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