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    Embedding WMV videos

    Where can I upload WMV or AVI videos so as to embed them into a website? (using windows media player)

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    Free video upload sites are all over the Internet. You need to fire up your favourite search engine and start trying a few out.

    I can't recommend any in particular since I don't use them, but they seem pretty much the same as each other.

    Like everything, you need to understand that freebie sites have limitations and no guarantee of continued service. Don't use them for anything important - if it really matters, you'll want to pay for a good enough host to host your own videos.
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    Dave is right, there are a bunch out there that are free to upload and download. If you are just wanting a simple embed, google video/youtube works, or Photobucket video. there are much more advanced and better quality out there. let me know what you are looking for and i will see if i can help you
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    Thank you very much, Kawsakimx6 Well, what I would really like to do is being able to upload my own WMV and AVI videos. I've found lots of free hosting sites, but after uploading the videos, I can't just get the URL of the video. I want to introduce some Windows Media Players in my blog, and I simply need the URLs of the videos I've uploaded so as to introduce them in the HTML code of the Windows Media Player (the one that I got from this site)


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