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    connecting more than 2 vcr's for tape duplication

    the vcr's i have are 2-sylvanias,1-sony,1-lxi and an emerson built into the tv. cannot get vcrs to record from source vcr.

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    Hi Sharon,

    To record from one VCR to multiple VCRs there are two methods:

    (1) Chain Method

    Set them up in a chain with the source VCR at the beginning. The outputs of the source VCR plug into the inputs of the first record VCR. The outputs of the first record VCR plug into the inputs of the second record VCR.... etc etc.

    Unfortunately this method will result in a loss of quality the further down the chain you go. You might like to give it a try and see if the results are acceptable. If you are recording for any sort of commercial application I wouldn't recommend this method.

    If you are trying this method and you can't get it to work, please reply to this message and tell us exactly where you're up to. For example, have you found the input/outputs? Do you have the right cables? Have you been able to get the machines connected?

    (2) Use a VDA

    A "VDA" (video distribution amplifier) is a specialized piece of equipment which takes the video signal from the source VCR and splits it up into multiple signals which each plug into the record VCRs. This is the preferred method. To get an idea of what VDAs look like and how much they cost, go to our store and use the search form. Select "Electronics" and search for "video distribution amplifier".
    Dave Owen


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