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    just wanna know

    hey friends
    1.i have a tapco J800 amp. Its output seems to be so low and when level is increased the sound becomes distorted. i was suspecting my speakers because they were bass combo speakers. i changed them to U.S.A brand, yes the mini one (one bass speaker, one horn) but the sound is even more distorted. i have tried it on a Makie s225 speaker before and it was not too good. Even a Peavey 400w mixer amp was better onthe s225.
    what could be the possible cause and what can i do.

    2.i also want to know more about drum parts

    3.i want to know how to do compression Makie onyx 24x4 TRIM on a mixer the same as gain?

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    first check to see what mode you are running the amplifier in. If it has a stereo, parrallel mono, bridge mode switch. make sure you are in stereo mode. Secondly are you using a preamp in front of the amplifier, and if so what are you using and moreso what type of signal are you trying to amplify. Most likely the amp will take +4 db at the input, if you are sending it something with a -10db output you will run into a very low output situation. or if its in bridge mono you are going to run into a distorted low output if you are not wiring it propperly.

    to answer your other questions, trim on a mixer is to range the input signal to be usable by the channel of the mixer. If you had something coming in real hot and something coming in real low next to each other on the mixer you would move the fader for the channel level only a fraction of an inch and it would become very loud, and vice versa for the low input signal. examples, a cd player versus a microphone respectively. you should set the input level pre fader to peak @ zerodb on the meter than use your fader for volume adjustments.

    for compression you would use the insert jacks on the mixer to hook up compressors, or insert on the subgroup then assign the channels to be compressed such as vocals to that subgroup.

    As far as drum questions fire away let me know what you need to know

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    Most reliable drum hardware for the money-Pearl Export series.
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