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    Hi Everyone, just new here.

    I'm just setting myself up in my new job of "Multimedia-Video Producer", and trying to sort out my best options as far as working practices, etc., go, and one major question I want to tackle is archiving.

    In my past as a graphic/web designer, I've always archived jobs to CD/DVD, including working files. However, I'm concerned that video projects, with working footage, etc., just won't fit on a DVD.

    So ... what suggestions do people have for archiving?

    (A bit of background: I started out in graphic design, and moved on to web and multimedia. I've been interested in getting into post-production, and I've just landed this new job producing video and multimedia as part of an online learning program).

    OK, I'm an idiot. I just found a thread on this very topic.
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    Well it depends. I use a HDD drive when filming, as well as record to tape. The Mini DV holds the archived footage, and are on a shelf. i have External Hard drives (terabyte) to hold Archived footage that has been edited.
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