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    About tuitorial

    Hi, i just go through the guides for a good wedding shooting and editting and i realize that i'm in the right way though i did it as a hobby but infact for sure when you are already in the field of AV, the hobby is professionalized and you always want the best.
    Thanks for the tips but for the last 2 years i'm editting on premiere pro but before with the premiere 6.5 with pinnacle titledeko plugins the titling was more efficient without blaming the premier pro basic title.


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    Hi Gonzalo,

    Welcome to the forums.
    Premiere pro 1 &1.5 has only a basic titler. Not sure about Premiere pro 2 as i haven't used it yet. I'm trying to learn After Effects but not having much luck.
    Dave has provided some good tutorials here for premiere and once you learn the basics its not that hard to use. Learning how all the different effects work is hard though.

    Cheers westie

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    About Premiere

    Hi , You are right concerning after efx i think you should rather try Boris efx the basic one then after efx you will then appreciate it surely its really hard if you are not totally involve in basic graphic design.
    Give a try and let me know


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    A quick thought: in most times limitations bring out the best of our creativity, no?

    Simplicity is beauty. So, keep it simple

    Anyhow, enjoy the titlers since you've got them!
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    Loong . Singapore

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    westie, Gonzalo,

    After Effects or Apple Motion are the Best things you can learn in my opinion they are a GREAT tool. If you have any questions about either one of them, please feel free to ask and i will do my best to answer them. I Highly recommend them!!!
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    Thanks kawsakimx6.
    I'll probably take you up on that offer soon. I've just got's after effects 7 tutorials and hopefully will be able to get a grasp of it but if i have any questions i'll be sure to ask.



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