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    television graphics software recomendations

    i'm after your recomendations for graphics software for overlays and titleing for a TV studio.

    ideally it would be Mac based but a PC can be built to suit it if needs be.

    so what would you suggest? we're getting a Datavideo SE-800 desk and the datavideo software looks pretty good but i prefer using macs. anything that matches that you can think of?

    thanks for your help!

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    What exactly are you looking for? the software to make it, or to put it in the air?

    News, or other live show, or is it more like just placing it over pre recorded shows?
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    i'd like the software to make the graphics, simple overlaying of text or logos which then goes onto live mixed studio.

    i've been looking at the Datavideo CG-100 as we are getting the SE-800 mixer, but again its on PC.

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    I use a DEKO 1000 for all my Live or Live to tape productions to put graphics over what ever i need to. Avid makes the system, and they make a few options. that is the only PC that i own here

    Here is a link
    Manoni Productions
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