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    studio recording help!

    i'm using a Behringer DDX3216 mixer and am recording a full band instrument by instrument onto garageband (not my choice, but you work with what you've got).

    my question is what is the best way to record the drums? set up wise we have a mic for each drum and two overhead mic's for cymbals totaling 8 mics.

    how should these be mixed? i'm not sure whether they should go through a compressor and some eq which the mixer can do. if so what sort of settings should i use? i've never mixed drums before so this is all new to me!

    help! thanks!

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    I guess the biggest part of the question here would be what mics are you using and how are you placing them? The next is how are the drums tuned, what kind of heads, etc, what style of music? Do you have a good idea how you want the track to sound? Can you describe it here?

    As far as compression and eq go you shouldn't need either when you record the tracks initially. If you use good mics, good placement, and well tuned drums in a good room, anyway. I record drums dry, with only some reverb in the drummer's headphone mix. I add effects in post production, if at all.

    Sounds like you will have some experimenting to do.
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    if all u got is that crap

    juz record it to garage band without clipping

    and use vst compressors on the bass guitar, drums, and vocals

    learn how to use this tho

    this is the most quality part

    then use the eq to boost the frequencys to make it sound good

    i would reccomend u get good vsts from someone like waves, or u could atleast switch sequencers to cubase or atleast cakewalk

    that would help alot


    behringer preamps sux

    it wont sound that great unless u chain about 3 64-band-eqs and 3 compressors making it perfect, and it will still have hum ull need to eliminate with x-noise


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