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    Home network connectivity problem

    My home network was working fine till last evening, I lost connectivity on my wireless network and ended up having to reinstall it. Can't get this figured out. Here's what I have. 1. Host (the one I'm using now), is connected to the internet via Belkin wireless. 2. Guest computer is connected to the host via RJ45 cable. I've ran the network setup wizard till I'm blue in the face. Now on the host, when I start IE and enter a URL I'm getting the message " the page cannot be displayed." I have other problems and questions, but I try to find answers in faq's and other sources first before troubling you all. Any ideas?

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    I have this problem come up about every other month. I am on Cox Cable Internet. What i have to do is totally disconnect the modem and wait a minute or so, then reattach it. Usually fixes it self..
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