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    3 tv host mics phasing

    Hi everyone.

    I do audio post production on a tv show. 3 hosts stand shoulder to shoulder at an outside set. They are wearing lapel radio mics. The camera records 2 hosts on one audio channel and 1 host (or talent) on the other. We seperate them on different channels to give us more control during the audio edit. Unfortunately, they are spilling into each others mics and we have terrible phasing out problems. Merely reversing the phase on a track during the audio edit doesn't solve the problem, as the combinations of mics phasing out keeps changing as they move around.
    I know the solution would be to have the hosts not so close together, but it is the style of the show that they are close together and the framing is tight. I have seen plenty of other shows like this one, without these problems, what are they doing different?

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    there is another solution. They make lapel mics that are made like a shotgun mic. it picks up a lot less of the spill from anything that is not directly above them. also the higher quality of the lapel mic the better it will be at only picking up the subject. also PAD THE WALLS IN THE STUDIO. this will keep the spill over sound down as well. Now the mic in the middle (center talent) will be the hardest, and you may want him/her to stand slightly in front of the other two, and this should also help a bit with the spill over.
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