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Thread: Mic Help Please

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    Mic Help Please

    Hi There
    I Was just browsing for a beginers mic and found a suitable condenser mic but i think it might be electret but it requires a battery cell.If its electret will it reallly make a difference?
    Kind Regards

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    What are you intending to do with the mic?
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    you are looking for a battery powered mic? what are you going to use it for?
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    Just to record a couple of demo's

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    If you're not intending for pro results, a simple condenser mic is alright. The acoustics of your room play a big part too, but that's another biggie altogether.

    I'm not sure if you're doing a band set-up and recording all the instruments and singing together in one recording... if that is so.. one mic is too waning to take in all the sound. Will you be lining the mic into a computer or some sort of a recorder (minidisc/mp3/wav)?

    Lastly, you asked something which wasn't answered... an electret mic IS still a condenser mic, just that it is not considered the better of condensers.
    There's no bad camera, just a bad user
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    good low end condenser is at2020 (large diaphram)

    theres is also a pack that it comes with for a high-spl condenser (for instruments)

    the 2 together are 150, and theyre pretty nice

    ull juz need phantom power, usually built into a mixer newayz


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