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    capture problems - FCP


    I shot a wedding a few weekends ago (I mean with a camera) -- it was a rented XL2.

    I downloaded the clips from the XL2 and started editing. Then I realize that some of the main clips were missing -- in fact they are not missing, in fact they were corrupt.

    Since then had to take the rental back and I thought I could recapture the clips using my home camcorder but for some reason I can't get final cut to talk to my camera which seems odd because it's just a digital camcorder.

    I went through the process checking the FireWire ports on the computer and they seem to be accessible because the computer can read an external drive when plugged into those ports so that's out.

    Then I thought it was a cable in about a new one but that didn't help either.

    Next I loaded several consumer grave programs on to my PC to see if that would help -- I thought I could load the clips onto the PC then extract them using a router system.

    After trying several programs I couldn't get the camera to talk to the PC either.

    This could mean that it's the camera but it could also be a combination of the FireWire in the PC not working and final cut not wanting to talk to the camera.

    [As well, in final cut, and changed the camera input settings to "NTSC basic" but that didn't help either]

    My home camera that's giving you the problems is a Panasonic PV DV101.

    It was built in 2001 and it's been a great camera. I've always downloaded footage from it before and never had a problem.

    The other red herring is that my PC has had XP reloaded since then.

    I tried the Panasonic site and downloaded some drivers but that didn't seem to help either.

    So, is at the camera?

    Is it the FireWire on the PC?

    Is it some setting that's off the Mac/Final Cut suite?

    To make matters worse, there was a local camera rental store in my area but they said that everybody owns a camcorder so the rental for camcorders was not viable anymore so the only thing they have for rent right now is a high 8!

    And the rental shop that I got the XL2 from is about 60 miles from me.

    I'd hate to have to drive out there only to find out that in fact it's not the camera.

    Any suggestions would be great.

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    ok it could be any # of possibilities. there are a few that come to mind immediately.

    1. What frame rate did you shoot the tape on? The XL2 will take 15 fps, 30 fps, and 60 fps. if you did not shoot it on 30 (which i am guessing the Panasonic PV-DV101 reads and shoots) then there is no way that it will read it correctly. can you watch the vid on the camera? if not then this is one possibility.

    2. Make sure the following settings are right.
    Final Cut > Audio/Video Settings > Summary
    Sequence Preset: DV NTC 48kHz
    capture Preset: DV NTC 48kHz
    Device Control Preset: DV NTC 48kHz

    3. the cameras output firewire port is messed up.

    there are a ton of things that could go wrong.

    this is another forum that could be able to talk you through it. With out being there to try things, i am not too sure that i can help you.

    Good luck
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