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    Black Burst Timing Length

    I have a project whereas the Consultant is requiring us to install devices that compensate for the cable lengths on our reference signal (black burst). Is this something that is truly needed and who manufactures an inexpensive product to do it?


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    Re: Black Burst Timing Length

    If you need the sources to be in sync you will need to match up the horizonal phase of each source. There are several ways you can do this.
    1)The equipment you are may have H-phase adjustment built in (what are the devices you are installing?)
    2) You can 'time' your cables by making them the same length.
    3) If this is not an option you could use a TBC (Time Base Corrector) which will give you full control over H-phase, Subcarrier phase and video and chroma levels. A quick search on google showed a variety of TBC's - both stand alone and PC cards.
    Cost? Around US$300+ from what I saw.

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    Re: Black Burst Timing Length

    If you are looking to compensate for a cable length, then you are looking at a video amplifier or video distribution amplifier. Talia makes good versions of these.
    You should use one amp per video length, ie one amp for the reference signal going to the cameras, and one amp per video feed coming back to the mixer. The cables can be up to about 100m (or more) and the gain/chroma can be adjusted by the amp. You'll need them on long cable runs.


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