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    Help with splitting of ape file

    I collected lots of classic music in ape format, one ape file is namely a whole album. I always use xilisoft audio maker to convert a whole ape file to a mp3 file to play in mp3 player. But u know, if I want to play one track, itís rather troublesome. I heard that ape file has a paired index file, could anyone tell how to do? Any help appreciated.

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    itís cue file that corresponds to ape file, actually a text file, it records the start time of various tracks in ape. U can search the corresponding cue file for your ape file. As I know, Xilisoft Audio Maker can import cue file, thus u donít need to convert a whole ape file

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    ThanksÖ.i downloaded the corresponding cue file, but when I imported it into Xilisoft Audio Maker, it failed. At the beginning, I thought Audio Maker doesnít support cue file, so I downloaded some players that say supporting cue file, but also failed. Maybe thereíre something need to adjust about my cue file and ape file? Any help appreciated.

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    U can open cue file as txt using notebook, and see whether the filename in File line accords with the autual name of corresponding ape file. If not, u can change it to the corresponding ape file name, and try again.

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    Thanks, malise. I followed your suggestion, and everything is ok now. Iím very glad, Xilisoft Audio Maker can convert the tracks of my ape one by one, and my player can also play the tracks one by one. Many thanks.


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