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    Dave!!!!!!! (and all others that like photography)

    I have a question.

    there has been a lot of threads that include questions about still photography. I feel this may be a good forum topic. i am not too sure how hard it is to add a topic, but Westie, myself and others would like to see one if possible.

    Anyone else that would support this please post in here so dave can get an idea of who all would benefit from this

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    I am all in for this one!
    This site has something for everyone - but, alas, nothing on still photography.
    It'd be great to see something like this because I'm new to professional still photography and would like to read up on it. And I wouldn't want to go to another website for it, since I like being able to go to just one site for info rather than lots of others, And reading the Important instructions for the raw beginner of the subject.
    eg. (What camera you should buy, how to use it, how to get the best out of it. etc.)

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    Sold. The new photography forum is now open for action (see the main forum index page).
    Dave Owen

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    well that was an easy sale. I wish it could be that easy with my clients

    Manoni Productions
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    Thanks for the addition, Dave.

    I'm a better 'fish' in stills than motion... well, that's what I like to think about myself!

    Looking forward to many more sharings in the threads!
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