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    Need advice on miniDV from old camcorder to PC

    Hi all.
    We bought a JVC GR-DVF10 camcorder back about 8 years ago, which uses miniDV tapes. This $800 camcorder has no Firewire. Has S-video out and connections for hooking to a tv/vcr.
    From our many travels, have about 12 tapes full.

    Have not kept up with video technology...
    Is there a way to transfer the tapes to my PC for editing? I have a standard Compaq with Xp.
    If not, what is the going rate for a place to transfer the mini tapes to DVD?

    Is the camcorder I have still worth anything if tryed to sell it?

    Want to make videos of some of the tape content for our site, and am familiar how to do once video is on the PC. Want to edit and post videos online.

    Considering also getting another camcorder for our travels if anyone has advice on good models. Have seen a Mustek DV-9300 9.0 MegaPixel camcorder/digital camera for less than $100.

    Appreciate others sharing their advice and suggestions.

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    There are a few threads in this forum about the same problem you have.

    The best way is to install a firewire card into your computer. Then borrow a digital camera off a friend and use it to convert your analogue footage to digital. Or buy a digital video camera to do the same thing. Not cheap but you will own a new digital video camera and be able to salvage all your tapes.

    Or you can pay someone to do it which in my opinion is a waste of money unless you don't have the time and can afford it.

    Last way is to buy a cheap tv capture card to connect your old camera up to. This will digitalize the signal. But they can be hard to setup to get good captures and even then the quality may not be that good. You also need a powerful computer because it uses the software to encode the signal.


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    westie is right.....however do you have a s-vid or RYW in to the compaq? Wel as i read more. borrow a cam or pay some one to make a file for you
    Manoni Productions
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    I may just buy a camcorder. Anyone have suggestions for a good one that has miniDV and possibly SD that is a decent one in the $200 range? I can't see spending $2,000 or more for one. I'm not in the business of production videos..
    Spent $800 for the JVC and thought it was alot at the time.

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    but i must warn you if you are planning on doing production, you may not like the cheaper cameras
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    Well as it happens i just brought myself a digital video camera with the intension of using it to convert all my old 8mm, Hi8 tapes and my mums c-vhs tapes over to digital for archiving

    After looking at a lot of cameras i settled on a Canon mvx250i because it has the "analogue to digital pass thru" feature. That means that i can connect my old analogue camera up to my digital camera and the connect that using a firewire cable to my computer. It then digitalises the signal as it passes thru the digital video camera.
    If your digital camera does not have this feature then you have to copy the old tapes onto a digital tape and then from the digital tape to the computer.
    Getting a camera like the canon mvx 250i series that supports analogue to digital pass thru is worth it in my opinion. And it does an exceptional job with the conversion too.
    The "i" on the end of mvx250i means it has the pass thru feature.

    There are other brands that have this feature so shop around. Go into the shop and spend some time playing with the camera to see if you like its layout. Do some filming and look at the results. If the shop isn't happy with you doing this then go somewhere else.

    I will say that i am very happy with my camera. It also has a 18x optical zoom, image stabilization, mic in socket, headphones socket, sd card, accessory shoe etc. Its a small but well featured camera.

    Hope this helps.
    Cheers westie

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    Enough covered on model and considerations for a new camera, just a gentle reminder that you'll need a firewire card if you do not have one on board your computer... to be budgeted in as well...

    BTW when you mentioned an SD camera, do you mean recommending a camera that records on SD card or a SD (Standard Definition) camcorder?
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    Was mentioning about if accepts SD cards.
    I also have a Toshiba notebook with an iLink IEEE-1394 connection. Assume that is Firewire, and just need a Firewire cable...

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    Yes, that is a firewire port.

    2 short notes about SD card cameras.
    1. Their video quality is low, no matter how 'big' they claim it to be. It produces a much lower resolution than your miniDV camera. However if all you're interested is using video for the internet, than that may be a very convenient option.

    2. SD card cameras do not need firewire at all, most of them works fine with only a USB port.
    There's no bad camera, just a bad user
    Loong . Singapore


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