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    Henry Morgan

    Video Tape Head Cleaner Without Fluid Wrecked VCR

    I used a video tape head cleaner on my vcr but forgot to put the fluid inside the video tape cleaner. The result was that the cleaning tape got entangled inside the vcr. I got it out but now any other tape I put inside the VCR gets entangled inside of it. It seems like maybe one part of the vcr that turns the tape stopped turning and that's why it gets entangled inside. Does anyone know what is wrong and if this VCR is fixable.

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    Re: Video Tape Head Cleaner Without Fluid Wrecked

    I would say that part of the loading mechanism has been misalligned by the tape tangle. This should be a fairly simple fault to repair for a serviceman. He should be able to fix it within 1/2 hr to 1 hr (ask what he charges per hour and what his minimum is).
    I would also be concerned about the damage a video tape cleaner could do to the heads, especially if no fluid was applied. Tape cleaning cassettes shoud be used with caution as they can cause excessive wear to the heads if used improperly. A better way to clean heads is to take the cover off the VCR and clean the heads with isopropyl alcohol.
    See for more detail.


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