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Thread: Good gaff tapes

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    Good gaff tapes

    I wasn't too sure whether to have this in the video or photo forum, so I'll just have it here.

    All those who are in production may be fairly acquainted with Apollo (brand) gaff tapes. It does not leave sticky residue unlike consumer duct tapes and is good for usage on production sets/protecting your cables (when they need to be taped down), anything to stick near lightings (you know how hot they can be!) or even taping your cameras to protect them (I'll try to send a pix of my camera...).

    Just a disclaimer in the end, this is NOT an advertisement, neither do I have sell it (in fact I have to order it too!). I'm just sharing something that may be useful for users out there.

    Since it's Mother's Day in Singapore today, here's wishing all mothers (incl Dave's better half) a wonderful Mother's day everyday, not just today!
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    I use Sports/athletic tape. it seems to work the best for me, plus ads grip if needed
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