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    recording acoustics and basics

    hey there im new to this site and recording too.

    i would like to do some demos with my acoustic guitars. yeah, just me and my acoustic. i heard that condenser microphones are the best for this kind of recordings. please advice me on that! i have a very tight budget but please give me some examples of these microphones anyway.

    would i have to have a mixer connected my computer? or i just have to have that microphone connected to my computer? i would prefer not to have a mixer to keep it as simple as possible, but results with reasonably quality. please advice too.

    thank you in advance!

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    Hi and welcome hadillac.

    Does your guitars come with pick-ups? If not, yes condensers are usually mics used for recording purposes. Audio-Technica has a reasonable range of mics for this purpose. A more affordable brand is Samson but I'm not sure if you have that where you are. Just a side note that there're some issues in doing this:

    1. Most mics have an XLR (balanced) plug and without a mixer, you'll need a XLR to mini-plug converter to plug it into your computer

    2. A more difficult one.. is that condensers require external power to work and usually a mixer provides it (phantom power, 12/48V). Some mics have the battery compartment inbuilt and it helps.

    A likely (and affordable) candidate could be the Audio-Technica ATR-55. Go take a peek from Google. You might want to consider getting a DI box the next time when you can afford to.

    To be honest, having a mixer is always encouraged for best possible results. Having said that, some other ways you may want to consider (just remember you won't get top notch sound...):

    Use softwares like Soundforge (not freeware) or Audacity (freeware) to record. Multitrack recording is possible but additional hardware is needed.

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    hey thanks for replying, is there a lot of difference between having a mixer and not having a mixer? im on a tight budget so i'd prefer to not have one unless it has a low price or something

    from your signature i understand u're from singapore, correct me if im wrong. im from singapore too and i would like to know where i can get this audio-technica microphone. many places i have gone to, the salespeople do not understand what kind of microphones i would like to aquire. thank you again.

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    In very short terms, yes, it makes a difference.

    And yes I am Singaporean. For what I have suggested, you can get it at Hung Brothers, Sim Lim Square 2nd floor. It costs abt SGD 155.
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    Just to add quickly, I'm not sure how tight your budget is exactly. A simple Berringer mixer (think that's how it's spelt) costs below SGD$400.
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    hey thanks a lot but i dont think i got that money to buy the mixer. i'll just look for other alternatives or buy the mic first. thank you so much.

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    i heard that another option is to use an audio interface? how much do these cost? considering having one at a reasonable price and quality.

    to show an example of what i want my demos to sound like, i'd like my demos to share similar quality like the duet here

    thank you in advance

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    Putting it simply, audio interfaces are like external 'sound cards'.

    It's really hard to tell you what's reasonably priced since you've given no budget for me to think about. Practically speaking, you have to remember it's dollar for quality in this field (sad to hear, yeah so say I).

    You might want to consider stuff from M-audio. My take. The Fast Track USB (note it comes without a mic, but has adequate hardware and software). The other possible one is the Podcast Factory (comes with mic and stuff, but I've no idea about its quality). You can check prices online.

    Above all, do your homework and study/try them first before buying to make sure you've got what you want.
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    (well it seems that you're answering a lot of my questions so..i'll try to keep things as simple as possible for you )

    well my budget would be $100 or lesser for the microphone and about a $100 for the interface or mixer or whatever that works well. so..yeah i guess that's it i'll just get one first and practice a little more before i start recording. what do you think(in your opinion) will be the best gear i can get? thank you so much dude!


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    IMHO, SGD$100 is insufficient to get a decent recording condenser. And you can't get an interface with a near SGD$100 range...

    Okie... one last recommendation: Samson's C01U - USB Studio Condenser Microphone with built in pre and A/D (16 bit). I think it should be sufficient for your usage. Other hardware not needed. You might want to check my PM on other additions (basically taken from Samson's webpage and possibly where you might be able to get it cos I also don't know where to get it!). It should be in the 150 (or much less) region...

    Happy hunting.
    There's no bad camera, just a bad user
    Loong . Singapore

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