thats a shotgun lol

n a cheap one to

dont get that


wtf is goin on???



get the 2 condenser pack


its 150 bucks

u get a large diaphram for vocals

u get a small high-spf for instruments


get the alesis multimix-8


itll connect to ur comp usb

itll come with cubase le

thats good enough

hook it all up

if u put one track to the left, and one track to the right

u technically will have recorded to sepperate mono tracks from that stereo track to ur comp

so u can edit ur voice and ur guitar sepperately

using the vsts that come with cubase le

best way 2 go on budget

m-audio is ight but their pres are lacking n their items can only b used for recording purposes

this mixer can also b a great light weight field mixer, live mixer, live recorder, etc.

so... these items can b reused even when u expand ur studio

xpecially the at2021, thats a solid instrument condenser, i luv it on snare n acoustic guitar alot more than a sm57

57s r kinda outdated in the studio

perfect for live tho