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    Essential Video Editing Software

    I have done some minor video editing in the past but due to lack of knowledge and trial and error methods I believe I have filled up my PC with lots of unnecessary and maybe in some cases even conflicting software, trial and demo versions, codecs, etc. So I wanted to ask your opinion on which applications, codecs, and converters are essential for:

    1. capturing video from a device
    2. editing the video
    3. compressing the video
    4. releasing the video in various formats (for DVDs, websites, archives, etc.)

    and what are the essential codecs and players would you recommend for viewing various video files?

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    I am going to answer you with a question,
    What do you want to do with the finish product??
    If this is just a hobby, fine
    I have used ulead and the cyber software, they come free if you buy PC magazine,
    I use liquid edition 6, which is a prosumer level, steep learning curve if you have not done editing before.
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    willie04 makes a good point, It is all about what you want to do with the equipment. From what it sounds like, you are looking for something basic, Soooo, here is the next question. What is your budget?
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    I'd be inclined to do a clean install of your operating system because if yourve loaded up lots of trial/demo software then its a sure thing that your computer is a mess. Even cleaning out all the unneeded software will not help much because there will still be alot of files left behind.

    Once yourve reinstalled your OS then load up the software you want to use.

    Just my two cents.

    Cheers westie.

    P/S, I'm off to Oz for a couple of weeks holidays so i won't be around till i get back. See ya's...
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