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    Video Streaming cost

    I am new to the forum and would like to say Hi All,
    Do any of you use stream hosting??
    What would be the best business practice and cost effective method ??
    Store the video files in online storage place and use storage url on your website,
    flash video clip, On2 VP6 encording
    1 video clip is about 8 minutes long,
    video size- 700 wide X 572 high
    data rate 128kbps
    there will be about 30 clips to start with,
    I will use a smaller screen size to promote it , in google and youtube.

    How much will the above cost to store??
    Some of the storage placed have asked me how many viewers??
    How do I know???
    the clips are on golf swings, so we can assume that it will be popular??
    Executive Producer,
    Start Up Evangelist

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    any luck?

    I am in the exact same position as you.I wanted to know streaming video cost...I have few videos to put in my website.How can I do this?Please try to share with me your advice.



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