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    Help with Video Streaming

    Hi all,

    i'm a newbie here. i would like to ask for some professional help about video boss wants to do some video streaming and we have no experience of it at all. we had gathered information from the internet but we want to know how to really deploy video streaming.

    My boss wants to use the video editing softwares- Adobe Premier and reliable and efficient are they?if we're going to save them in one computer, would it not cause any problem? because u know that sometimes if there are incompatible softwares installed it will make your system crash.

    If we can build a generic streaming server, what would be its specs.? can we save files in Media Player format and real format in one server?

    what is the best capture card that we should use?

    ohhhhhhh, guys, SORRY for these many questions that i have.

    Any advice will be greatly appreciated

    thanks in advance.


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    Adobe and Pinnacle are both good software producers. You can use them with confidence. They should both work on the same computer with no problems.

    You can save media files in different formats on the same server.

    Specs for your streaming server are probably less important than you'd think. As long as you have something like a P3/P4 with 1 or 2G of RAM you'll be fine. The issue is more about what sort of streaming software you use and how good your connection is. And of course how many users you expect to be accessing the media simultaneously.

    Bast capture card? That's a hard one and a bit subjective. Pinnacle and Matrox are good and work well with premiere.
    Dave Owen


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