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    360 degree product view

    TouchBubble company specializes in developing and implementing 3D product view solutions into online shopping web sites. There is no plug-in is required now!!! We placed some ready 3D models at our web site! What impression can they make on online buyers?

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    This question has been asked and answered many times, not just at but other forums as well. It is clear you are not really interested in genuine feedback, you are just posting to get your product name out there.

    The next time you do this here you will be permanently banned.

    More to the point, do you really want threads like this to be what people find when they do due diligence on your product? It will not help you in the long run to be known as a forum-spammer.
    Dave Owen

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    As Dave said, This question has been brought up, BY YOU before, here.

    You did not like our answer there, and now you are trying to ask it again? I say you are spamming. Dave left this open, os i will leave it alone as well, however, if you are going to post, be ready for criticism on your Idea, and don't tell us "you are wrong" then ask again a few months later
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