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    s video to composit

    Hi I am trying to splice a s video cord with a composit cord. I am having trouble finding how to do it. All I can find are sites that sell connecters. Does anybody know how to do this, or where I can find this info?

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    Re: s video to composit

    You can't make an s-video signal into a composite signal by just joining the wires together. They are different types of signal so you need a converter.

    If you're trying to achieve something else, what it is you are trying to do?


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    Re: s video to composit

    I think you can do this, because I had it working before. An old roomate of mine found how to do it online a while ago. He had cut the two cables and connected the wires in a specific way. The problem is that I accidently pulled the two cables appart, and I have to figure out how they go back together. Maybe Im talking about the wrong cables. One cable has the yellow RCA video end, and the other is a 4 pin connecter that goes into the video out of my video card. Im going to try to find my old roomate, and if he helps me figure it out, Ill let you know how its done. Thx

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    Re: s video to composit

    That's exactly what I'm trying to do is connect 4-[ronged (all of them?) S-Video cable into RCA on the other end. All I need is video coming out of the RCA
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    you can do it,

    for best picture quality you need a small resistor to go between the two

    I forgot how to exactly, but its not very ahrd

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    Here is a link to making the cable.


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