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    Help for audio conversion from cassette to mp3...

    Hello friends,

    I need to know how to convert my audio cassette collection into mp3 files,
    using which software I can do it, to get best output of audio.
    Pls, explain me that step-by-step...


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    Going by the cheapest means (unless you've got $$ to burn on it), all you need is a cassette deck (with a clean head pls), RCA to 1/8" miniplug to the computer and d/l Audacity that will allow you to digitize your audio into wav (a definitely better quality) or mp3.

    To have it better, have a pro cassette deck (with Dolby NR, auto reverse, speed adjustment) linked to a mixer and into the computer with perhaps a Soundforge' or Protools or something?
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    nuff said....well done nagar
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    the program ''Audacity'' that nagar mentions (Well, at least I think he means to mention...) can be found here:

    on this site you can download the program (which is freeware - so it isfree) and if you have to have your file converted to mp3, download this additional file that will allow you to convert to mp3:

    this site will give you instructions on where to get the LAME encoder for mp3 conversion and instructions on how to use it - which is very easy to use.

    Good luck.

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    Thanks to all buddies...who contributed their words...


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